Safeguard Wills offer a wide range of Will writing services, ranging from bespoke Wills needed to handle complex situations – to straight forward Wills for individuals or families.

Helping you with all aspects of Will Writing including Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), various Trust options, Funeral Planning and Tax Planning

Expert Will Writing Service

Safeguard Wills can help you with all aspects of will writing including Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), various Trust options, Funeral Planning and Living Wills. Even if you have an existing Will, is yours currently up to date?

Whilst we like to meet all of our clients in person where suitable, we understand this is not always the best option depending on circumstances such as timings and distance, so always offer telephone or video calls, with evening and weekend appointments available too.

Our Additional Services

Lasting Power of Attorney

Legal documents that allows someone to act on your behalf or make decisions for you, if you no longer want or are able to make them yourself.

Life Interest Trusts

Where a beneficiary has the use of an asset during their life time but on their death it passes to a third party.

Document Storage

It is important that your Will is kept updated and stored somewhere safe, accessible and somewhere you executors can find it.

Tax Planning

Estate planning can save vast amounts of tax. Inheritance Tax is usually charged at 40% on anything above your nil rate band – so the potential tax savings may far outweigh the cost of advice.

Probate Services

When a loved one passes you need to sort out who gets what. Probate is the first step in the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person resolving all claims and distributing the deceased’s assets under a Will.

Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans let you pay for your funeral in advance and at today’s price. It is a way of taking control of the unexpected, setting out the arrangements and limiting the costs by paying for the services included upfront.

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